Friends of ILCNSCA

What is a "Friend of" ILCNSCA?

The "Friends of" is a more flexible way for people to be involved with the ILCNSCA without committing to Board role.

Members of this group assist ILCNSCA Board of Directors in various ways including developing resources for ILCNSCA and marketing the agency through serving as Community Ambassadors for ILCNSCA at various community events and activities.

Community supporters of independent living and civil rights for all are encouraged to become a 'Friend of' ILCNSCA.

Are You Looking to Give Back to Your Community?

Volunteer for an ILCNSCA event!

  • Calendar Raffle
  • Legislative Breakfast
  • Benefit Concert


  • Contacting vendors for donations
  • Selling tickets/raffles for events
  • Prize notification mailings
  • Set up/Clean up at events
  • Innovations and improvements for future events.
  • Attending Community events representing ILCNSCA
  • Entering data in fundraising database.

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