ILCNSCA is a 501( C ) 3 federal and state tax exempt charitable organization which relies on your donations as well as federal and state contracts using your taxes for our funding. We at times get local grants, such as Community Development Block Grant funds from the City of Salem, and local charitable donations, such as from the Salem Five Charitable Foundation. We receive donations from businesses through our All People Accessible Business (APAB), Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employee Charitable Contributions, and from individuals and organizations. For our events we accept donations as well and we accept donations for memberships.

You support to ILCNSCA, which is a community based organization, is appreciated. At any time you can submit to us a donation through this web page using Pay Pal, or you can send us a check made out to ILCNSCA and mail it to us at 27 Congress Street, Suite 107, Salem, MA 01970.

We appreciate your support and hope you will donate funds to us so we can continue in reaching our mission for independent living for all.