Independent Living Resources

Guide to Finding Housing

ILCNSCA's Guide to Finding Housing was developed to provide guidance and direction to consumers with disabilities who are searching for housing, both subsidized and non-subsidized. This guide contains referral resources for various types of housing on the North Shore and Cape Ann as well as housing subsidy application opportunities.

Emergency Preparedness By People With Disabilities

How well you prepare and how much you practice before a disaster occurs will determine how successfully you deal with and recover from disasters. Your personal disaster preparation is a continuing process. It helps you and your network identify, get, develop, manage, and maintain the information and resources you will need to deal with a disaster when it happens.

Honoring Choices - Health Care Planning

Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann has partnered with Honoring Choices Massachusetts to help inform and empower adults to make a personal health care plan and get connected to quality care all through their lives. Click above link to learn about the Massachusetts health care planning documents, and download a free Health Care Proxy and a Personal Directive (Living Will) to make a personal health care plan.

Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report

SPECIALIZED HOME DESIGN, INC. is pleased to announce the free availability of CHERÆ (Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report) for customers of ILCNSCA. Whether you are one of the many current CHERÆ users or the latest account holder to sign up, we want everyone to have access to the many concepts and principals of universal and accessible home design that are presented in the CHERÆ. The CHERÆ is an excellent resource of information on universal and accessible home design. Many ideas are portrayed not only through the hundreds of recommendations but also through the extensive Image Gallery and Resource Directory. Please take this new opportunity to explore and use the CHERÆ for your own benefit or for the benefit of your consumers and/or loved ones.

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SPECIALIZED HOME DESIGN, INC. may be reached at 616-887-8130 or if you have any questions.