ILCNSCA's Guide to Finding Housing

The Independent Living Center of the North Shore & Cape Ann, Inc. (ILCNSCA) is committed to providing housing information and referrals to all individuals with disabilities and to other interested parties. ILCNSCA's Guide to Finding Housing was developed to provide guidance and direction to consumers with disabilities who are searching for housing, both subsidized and non-subsidized. This guide contains referral resources for various types of housing on the North Shore and Cape Ann as well as housing subsidy application opportunities. It also contains listings of temporary shelters in Northeastern Massachusetts. ILCNSCA promotes use of MassAccess- The Accessible Housing Registry ( a website that catalogs every accessible or adaptable unit in the state and maintains information about availability.

At times the housing search process is confusing and overwhelming. There are many types of housing and housing subsidies, and each type has specific eligibility criteria and steps to follow when applying. It is helpful to know what is necessary to share with housing providers when applying for or living in public or assisted housing. The ILCNSCA hopes this guide will make it easier for consumers to understand how to acquire Affordable, Accessible and Available (AAA) housing and how to obtain reasonable accommodations when necessary.

ILCNSCA's Guide to Finding Housing is organized in the following sections:

  1. Eligibility for Public or Subsidized Housing
  2. Suggested Steps for Applying for AAA Housing
  3. Housing Search Record
  4. Documentation Checklist for Housing
  5. Reasonable Accommodation for People with Disabilities in Public or Subsidized Housing
  6. Model letter to guide your Physician in writing a letter to verify your disability and reasonable accommodation needs
  7. ILCNSCA North Shore & Cape Ann Local Housing Authority External Referral Resources
  8. ILCNSCA North Shore & Cape Ann Non-Housing Authority External Referral Resources
  9. Housing Subsidy Voucher Resources (Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Alternative Housing Voucher)
  10. MassAccess- Accessible Housing Registry
  11. Temporary Shelters
  12. YMCA Rooms/Efficiencies - North Shore & Cape Ann
  13. Congregate Housing - North Shore & Cape Ann
  14. Supportive Housing - North Shore & Cape Ann
  15. Assisted Living - Massachusetts Assisted Living Facilities Association (MASS-ALFA)

If you have additional questions or concern beyond the information shared in ILCNSCA's Guide to Finding Housing you may contact the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, Inc. by telephone at (978) 741-0077 voice or by the internet at