Annual Report 2014

ILCNSCA '14 Board of Directors

Margaret (Joan) Adrien, Resource Development Committee Chair

Katherine Alfonsi, Board Member

Patricia Cox, Vice President, Strategic Plan and Board Development Committees, Liaison with ADRCGNS, Inc.

Marion (Midge) Dawicki, President, Executive Committee Chair

Kathy Forbes, Board Member

Joe Karaman, Board Member, Clerk, Strategic Plan Committee Chair

Alasandra McClellan, Board Member, Finance Committee

Stephen C. Turner, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Lillith Ponticelli, Board Development Committee Chair, Temporary leave of absence Summer 2014

Stephen Turner, Vice President, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Posie Mansfield, Board Member, Board Development Committee Chair (appointed Summer 2014)

Roger Kolakowski, Board Development Committee

Katherine Alfonsi, Board Development Committee

Kathy Forbes, Board Member

Elena Perez, Board Member

Cyndi Winter, Board Member, Resource Development Committee

Mary Margaret Moore, Executive Director

Meredith Bolden Linehan, Board Consultant

ILCNSCA '14 Staff

Mary Margaret Moore, Executive Director

Shawn McDuff, Deputy Director

Grant Murphy, Data Systems and Office Management Specialist

Angel Dailey, Independent Living Peer Guide and Options Counselor

Alexandria Dominguez, ILCNSCA ADRC of GNS Options Program Peer Guide

Janet Bergstrom, Direct Service Coordinator

Paul Gonzo, Data Systems & Office Management Support Specialist

Theodore Teah, Systems & Office Management Support Specialist

Judy Bernardez, Independent Living Peer Guide

Andrea Baize, Independent Living Peer Guide

Deidra Fraher, Independent Living Peer Guide

Jessica Tourtellotte, Access Independent Living Peer Guide

Shauna Guidici, Independent Living Peer Guide

Thomas Olenio, Independent Living Peer Guide

John Grant-Dolmo, Peer Guide Community Referral Resources Specialist

Candice Chiacchia, Independent Living Peer Guide

Alyssa Silva, Operations and HR Specialist

Donna Garber, Volunteer

Jim Knowlan, Volunteer

Anne Knowlan, Volunteer

Melissa Lundgren, Volunteer

Christopher Reardon, Volunteer

Candice Chiacchia, Intern

Mary Dennessen, ILCNSCA SILC Representative and Volunteer