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January 2015 – December 2015

Hello ILCNSCA Supporter

As you know our mission statement is "The Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann Inc. (ILCNSCA) is a disability rights service and advocacy center run by and for people with disabilities. ILCNSCA supports the struggle of people who have all types of disabilities to live independently and participate fully in community life. The Center pursues this mission through provision of information and referral, independent living skills, advocacy and peer counseling services." Our motto is Services and Advocacy for an Independent Life.

As we are approaching the end of 2014 we want to wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, and are sending you this gift for 2015 from all of us at ILCNSCA!

Enclosed for you is our 2015 ILCNSCA Yellow Pages booklet. These listings are a compilation of local, statewide, and national resources that as citizens living with disabilities we find helpful in our quest for increased access to full participation in community living. This booklet is also on our web site,, along with additional resources and updates on upcoming events and activities.

A program of ILCNSCA that you might want to explore is the Options Program, which is also provided by us, along with our Aging and Disability Resource Consortium of the Greater North Shore, Inc. partners. The Options Program assists people of any age with any disability and elders to make informed choices about services and supports they may need to remain in their homes and in their communities. It also provides information for your family members, so they can assist you in your decision-making. Options Counselors may meet with you at your home or at local facilities and are also available by phone and email. Options services are free of charge. More on this program is available at our web site:

Housing Services and Resources

We continue to receive overwhelming requests for assistance in finding affordable, available and accessible housing. The City of Salem Community Development Block Grant helps support a monthly Universal Housing Application Workshops at ILCNSCA along with two focused workshops, one on Housing Rights, and one on finding housing. We are always available to guide people with disabilities to learn of housing rights, and available resources to obtain housing including completing housing applications. We also assist our consumers living in a nursing or rehabilitation facility to access The Money Follows The Person Demonstration and to several home and community based waivers to live as independently in the community as they choose. With the Introduction of One Care for those who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid through with partnership with the ADRCGNS, Inc. the ILCNSCA provides housing assistance to One Care Recipients. We have also posted the ILCNSCA “Guide To Finding Housing” on our web page, with updates since 2011, as another set of tools for finding housing. Visit for this.

Peer Support Opportunities

Monthly we offer a setting for people with disabilities to meet others, share concerns, and find solutions in charting a course for living more independently called the Compass Group. The Northeast Independent Living Program, Inc. (NILP) with ILCNSCA provides the North East Recovery Learning Community. This is a peer run set of activities for those who self-identify as having a mental health concerns, and other disabilities. At times there are Peer Specialist trainings, support groups, and other activities throughout the ILCNSCA service area and the Northeast Independent Living Program service area. Look for the schedule on the NILP web page, or check out

Annual Legislative Breakfast

In May we invite you to participate at a breakfast meeting with us and our Aging and Disability Resource Consortium of Greater North Shore (ADRCGNS) partners along with invited state and federal appointed and elected officials. This well-attended event gives all of us the opportunity to share a common agenda for attainment of our full civil rights and clear tax dollar budget to increase our independent living needs.

Ongoing Community Education and Advocacy

Despite the fluctuating economy, we know we are the most cost-effective agency using federal and state tax dollars. Yet we always need your help to prevent any cuts to the 4120-4000/5000 account in the MA State Budget and to insure that Congress funds fully and additionally all the Centers for Independent Living in the federal Department of Education budget. We have a Community Access Advocacy Team, which you can join, and a focused access survey project, All People Accessible Business Project (APAB) for which your talents and energy are also needed. Come be a volunteer with us!


Of the utmost importance, become a member of ILCNSCA and work with us to achieve full accessibility, inclusion, acceptance, autonomy and independence for all of us living with disabilities on the North Shore & Cape Ann, throughout MA, and the USA, and globally. Check out our membership form at And add us as one of your favorites: and friend us on Facebook so you won’t miss anything throughout the year like exciting social events, Annual BBQ, Annual Meeting, Holiday Open House, Advocacy Alerts, and more!

Mary Margaret Moore, Executive Director
And the entire staff of ILCNSCA
And the Board of ILCNSCA

Together our voices are loud and heard! Services and Advocacy for an Independent Life!

ILCNSCA is scent-free to accommodate persons with chemical sensitivities. Please refrain from wearing scents such as perfumes or scented clothing. At public events photographs and/or video may be taken for ILCNSCA publication. We will respect all requests to not be photographed, please inform us at time of RSVP or arrival.

ILCNSCA receives federal funding through the Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration under Title VII of the Rehabilitation Services Act and state funding through the Mass. Rehabilitation Commission as well as memberships and donations. You can go to our webpage and on the Donations page make any size donation to us. We are a 501 C 3 tax exempt non-profit agency and welcome your support. Thank you!