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Employment practices that will make a difference to your business Inclusion and Diversity Training and Policies

An Inclusion and Diversity Policy is not only an ADA accommodation requirement:

  • It's how you create a work environment in which employees feel supported and valued so they can do their best work.
  • It's how you create a business where your customers feel respected and comfortable and keep coming back.


MV-1 first mobility vehicle

Headquartered in South Florida, The Vehicle Production Group LLC (VPG) is proud to introduce the new 2011 MV-1. The MV-1 is the first mobility vehicle that was designed from the ground up for wheelchair accessibility and will be proudly built in America.

The MV-1 comes equipped with a deployable integrated ramp for quick and easy passenger access and has a spacious interior that can accommodate up to six occupants. In fact, the MV-1 is the only factory-built vehicle that meets or exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) vehicle guidelines. The extremely versatile MV-1 will be built at the high quality assembly facility at AM General LLC in Mishawaka, Indiana. Vehicle production begins Q4 of 2010.

Assembled by AM General LLC at their facility in Mishawaka, Indiana. The MV-1 meets the "Buy America Act" requirements for domestic content required for funding by the Federal Transit Administration. The MV-1 is a unique mobility solution for the 21st Century and will be built right here in the USA.


Ride Away

Ride-Away is America's largest provider of wheelchair vans and adaptive equipment for people with disabilities. Ride-Away products are used by individuals with minor to profound disabilities requiring additional assistance while traveling and range from hand controls and lifts to raised door and lowered floor vehicle modifications.

Founded in 1986, Ride-Away's 11 East Coast locations are committed to offering a broad selection of specialized vehicles and services to meet the needs of every customer. All of Ride-Away's locations are also QAP (Quality Assurance Program) certified through the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), resulting in Ride Away being held to the highest standards in the industry.

Ride-Away also gives back to the community by contributing 10% of its earnings to various non-profit organizations throughout their communities and also has over an 85% volunteerism rate with their employees. For more information, call (888)-RIDE-AWAY (888-743-3292) or visit our website at www.Ride-AwayNH.com.