Directions to the Center

  1. take Route 128N (if coming from Boston) or 128S (if coming from NH border) to Exit 25A to Route 114 E, Marblehead
  2. Follow signs for 114E for about 4 miles into the center of Salem. (you will be making several turns so you must carefully look for Rt. 114E signs. It is best to be in the left lane after joining Rt 114E as a little ways down the road splits to two lanes and at the light Rt. 114E goes left. After this left turn, follow a short way to light and take right on. Follow to end and light, take right turn, still following Rt. 114E. Follow through many lights. When you go over a bridge be in left lane, continuing by Witch City Thrift & Consignment on left, The Witch House on right and at next intersection 114E goes left and so will you and you will then come into Salem Center)
  3. When you come to Salem Center, go straight through a traffic light by Dunkin Donuts on your left and the Post Office on your right and parking lot in middle with large flag poles onto New Derby Street with Bank of America Branch on your right. (you are now departing Rt 114E which goes off to the right after the flagpoles/parking lot to marblehead.)
  4. Continue straight through your next light by the fire station on your left.
  5. Turn right at the next intersection, where there is a parking garage on you right, onto congress street.
  6. Go over the bridge right after entrance on left to Pickering Wharf and look for the Shetland Properties. There are entry driveways on your left. You cannot enter until you come to third driveway with security guardhouse entrance on the left side of street. Enter here and inquire about visitor parking.
  7. Ilcnsca is in the first building on the left closest to the Harbor/Pickering Wharf, Building 27
  8. suite 107 is located toward the very back of building 27. The accessible ramp entrance is near/below the sky walk.