April 20, 2016
70 Washington Street
Salem, MA 01970
The event will give you the opportunity to learn about the new and exciting
training opportunities such as Advanced Manufacturing Basic Machining
Program, the Financial Services Skills Certificate Program and many other programs to prepare for good jobs in this region. In addition there will be information about the application process, eligibility, and the success rate of our
customers who have participated in programs previously.
Seats are limited, to register please call (978) 825-7200
North Shore Career Center
70 Washington Street
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 825-7200
We put the North Shore to work.

Announcing Full Scholarship for Spouses of Wounded Veterans

Northeastern University’s Center for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers is pleased and honored to announce a unique scholarship opportunity for the spouses of wounded veterans/servicemembers in Massachusetts. Through the generosity of the Ruby Linn Foundation, Northeastern is prepared to award Two Full Scholarships covering the cost of any program in our Lowell Institute School degree portfolio. This includes the following degrees:

–          BS Biological Science

–          BS Biotechnology

–          BS Environmental Studies

–          BS Health Management

–          BS Health Management – Fast-Track

–          BS Information Technology

–          BS Information Technology – Fast-Track

–          BS Psychology

–          BS Technical Communication

–          BSET Computer Engineering Technology

–          BSET Electrical Engineering Technology

–          BSET Mechanical Engineering Technology

–          BSHS Health Science

–          Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical

Spouses of wounded veterans are asked to complete a scholarship essay (described below). Proof of spouse’s military service (DD214, VA Certificate of Eligibility, military/veteran ID card, etc.) and proof of spousal relationship (marriage certificate, dependent ID card, etc.) are required. Optional letters of recommendation will be strongly considered. Essays and supporting documents should be sent in a single email to for consideration. Receipt of the scholarship is contingent upon the awardee’s admission into one of the LIS degree programs above. Deadline for submission is May 15, 2016. Degree programs would begin in the fall 2016 semester.

Scholarship Essay

Please respond to the following prompt:

The Lowell Institute School is a unique community of enterprising students focused on completing their studies, mastering new knowledge and skills, and graduating prepared to pursue promising careers in industries at the core of our innovation economy. While students come to the Lowell Institute School from diverse backgrounds and experiences, they share a common goal of achieving their full career potential and building a better future for themselves and their families.

 Please describe how receiving this scholarship from the Ruby Linn Foundation and completing your bachelor’s degree within the Lowell Institute School will support your educational goals, as well as your current or future career aspirations. Please do so in a minimum of two pages, double spaced (approximately 500 words).

for more information go to:

Statement from Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee welcoming passage of the Older Americans Act reauthorization

April 8, 2016

Statement from Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee welcoming passage of the Older Americans Act reauthorization


On behalf of older adults and those of us hoping to grow old, I am extremely grateful that the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act (OAA) has been successfully passed by both the House and Senate. Older adults consistently express their personal desire to age in their homes and communities, surrounded by the people, places and activities that give their lives meaning. For more than 50 years, the OAA has provided support to make that dream a reality; from home delivered meals and exercise classes to legal services and case management. In every setting and through every advancing year, OAA services support health, dignity and independence.

I applaud the dedicated work of the national aging services network of states, tribes, area agencies on aging, long term care ombudsman, local services providers and volunteers who make successful aging possible. Their work with and on behalf of older adults and family caregivers makes a difference in millions of people’s lives each and every day.

Our country is growing old. By 2020, the older adult population will number more than 77 million. One in every five people will be over the age of 60.  And more than 34 million adult caregivers will provide uncompensated care to older adults. These numbers will continue to grow. The programs authorized by the Older Americans Act have never been more important to individuals, to families and to communities.  The reauthorization of the Older Americans Act signals our commitment to the health and well-being of those of us aged and aging in America. The reauthorization is also a testament to the value of old age itself.

Kathy Greenlee

Assistant Secretary for Aging

Advance CLASS Applauds House Energy and Commerce Bipartisan Hearing on Long -Term Care Financing

PRESS RELEASE: Advance CLASS Applauds House Energy and Commerce Bipartisan Hearing on Long -Term Care Financing


CONTACT: Connie Garner

Washington, DC (February 29, 2016) — Advance CLASS, Inc., commends the House Energy and Commerce Committee for its decision to hold a bipartisan hearing “Examining the Financing and Delivery of Long-Term Care in the U.S.” Advance CLASS is pleased that both Republicans and Democrats recognize the importance of, and the pressing need to address the lack of long-term services and supports (LTSS) in this country for those in need.

Because of this need, bipartisan groups have come together over the past few decades to present recommendations on how to help Americans better prepare for their current or future long-term care needs and costs associated with those needs. The financing of long-term care is complicated, yet the research continues to refine strategies to address this crisis. It is now time for Congress to act.

Advance CLASS supports the financing and implementation of a comprehensive, high- quality system of care. We must ensure that aging seniors and people with disabilities can access services and supports in a manner that they choose. Advance CLASS continues to believe that a long-term care financing and delivery system should provide universal access and high quality services to individuals, and should promote personal planning throughout one’s working years. Advance CLASS will continue to work towards the goal of ensuring consumer choice and control related to services and supports for all Americans in the years to come.

# # #

About advance CLASS, Inc.

Advance CLASS, Inc. is the national advocacy organization dedicated exclusively to the implementation of a strong and vital long-term services and supports program. The group is an independent 501(c)(3) organization, comprised of prominent national organizations who serve the most vulnerable in both the aging and disability communities. This “big tent” group is eager to expand further, and include a variety of stakeholders including diverse providers of care, and companies who specialize in delivery of crucial services. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @advanceCLASS.

March 1, 2016 is the MA Presidential Primary Election Day: VOTE!

Did  you know that close to 20% of the USA population are those of us living with disabilities? Yet the current social policies still are putting in place barriers to us living as independently as we choose. We have an opportunity to have our voices heard every time we vote. Tomorrow is the MA Presidential Primary election. Have your voice heard by voting. Check out this link for more information on March 1, 2016 MA Presidential Primary Election: