How Trump’s Health Care Executive Order will Affect the Disabled Community

How Trump’s Health Care Executive Order will Affect the Disabled Community

November 7, 2017 12:00 pm Published by

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, which you really should be, considering our current political climate, you should already know that Trump signed an executive order effectively turning Obamacare (ACA) into Trumpcare. It’s too early to tell what this means for everybody in the country, but let’s take a look at how it will affect the disabled community:


  • Premiums increase – Under this executive order, healthy people will have more options when it comes to buying less-comprehensive health care coverage. This translates to higher premiums for already-sick people, including the disabled, because there will be less money going into the system from healthy people to cover the costs for disabled individuals.
  • Increase in medical expenses – Due to fewer healthy people buying insurance coverage, or more people buying a less-expensive plan, those with pre-existing conditions, who require coverage, will see a dramatic increase in how much they pay in medical expenses. The other choice for disabled individuals is to just not buy coverage at all and hope for the best, so as to not go bankrupt, which is a bad idea.
  • Mental health coverage, or lack thereof – Did you know that one-in-five Americans will have mental health issues at some point in their lives? When you’re healthy, under this executive order, you will buy less coverage. But what happens if you experience mental health problems down the line? The bare-bones insurance you bought while healthy will do almost nothing to cover the costs. Then you’re really in a bind when you can’t afford prescriptions and professional treatments for your mental health, which can have severe consequences.
  • Medicaid – The executive order will cut coverage to Medicaid, which helps not only lower-income people, but also the disabled community.



To our non-disabled allies, it’s time to fight to protect the ACA. The executive order passed under the Trump Administration will have dire consequences on the disabled community, as they will not be able to afford the increases in costs as a result of this reckless executive order.

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