The Power of Peer Guides

The Power of Peer Guides

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Learning from a peer has long been a powerful tool for both the peer and the student in order to gain confidence and important life skills. It takes a lot to be able to successfully cope with life “out there”. Having a peer guide can help with the transition to independent living. Peer Guides are intended to assist with life skills, family issues, social skills, and other practical personal skills. Research has shown that Peer Guides (sometimes called Peer Counselors or Peer Buddies) have numerous benefits on both sides of the relationship. Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann Peer Guides, who also have disabilities, provide advocacy, skills training, and peer counseling to young people with disabilities, often in their school setting. Here are just some of the benefits of Peer Guides.


  • Peer Guides have a proven track record of success. Peers are exceptional role models for academic, social, and behavior skills. We sometimes learn more from someone at the peer level than an adult mandating learning.
  • Peer Guides foster meaningful friendships that allow for a sharing of information, a gaining of confidence on both sides, and a greater acceptance of individual differences.
  • Peer Guides help with mastering skills as they practice them with their buddy or peer.
  • Exposure to adult peer role models helps students learn how to take on the responsibilities of living independently in the community of their choice.
  • Peer Guides allow for a greater social interactive network, and tend to include the community, teachers, and parents more comprehensively.


Visit the ILCNSCA website today to learn more about our Peer Guide Program.


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