Success Stories – Midge Dawicki

Success Stories – Midge Dawicki

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Often times, a life-changing event or experience can actually have a positive impact on a person’s life. This month, we’re highlighting one such individual, Midge Dawicki, and how she’s managed to overcome her disability in light of all the obstacles facing her.

In April 2005, Midge fell off a porch, leaving her paralyzed. But this accident, in some ways, benefitted her. She is now active in the disability community as a volunteer at various clinics and rehab centers, as well as serving on multiple boards of directors. Midge has come so far since her accident. At first, she felt lost, alone, and unable to navigate the world with a disability, until a friend recommended the Independent Living Center. At ILCNSCA, Midge found success with the many support services, including a peer mentor and a peer counselor, to aid her in her transition to living with a disability. ILCNSCA has also helped Midge acquire funding to realize her accessible home improvement project to accommodate her disability.

Aside from her work with programs and organizations, Midge has also made huge progress in managing her disability on her own. She has made use of assistive and adaptive technology, such as Dragon Speech Recognition for the computer, in order to complete daily tasks.

Faced with adversity, Midge found that ILCNSCA has helped get her life back on track and find meaning and purpose in life once again. Watch the following video as Midge explains the many ways the Independent Living Center aided in her recovery and transition, and how she’s since contributed all she can and more to the disability community. It is truly inspiring and we appreciate all that Midge has accomplished since joining our organization. Hats off to you, Midge!

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