Planning for a Disability

Planning for a Disability

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Planning for a disability is one of the most proactive things you can do. Planning encompasses care, housing, employment and finances, and even end of life or hospice care services. There are a number of diseases and conditions for which you’ll want to start planning ahead of time, such as Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s, and schizophrenia. Let’s take a look at the importance of planning for disability:

Be Proactive

Planning early will help you and your family maintain control of things upon diagnosis. Knowing what to expect and being ready for it will only help the situation. Living with a disability can be scary and tough, but you’ll be better off with planning and controls in place.

Have a Care Plan in Place

In the case of independent living, some disabilities may require care in the form of an in home nurse or home health care aid. Otherwise, you may rely on a family member, a friend, or other loved one to help you with your ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Be sure to have a care plan in place specific to your needs and that the person who is to take care of you is dedicated to and invested in your well being. Click on the following link for a directory of visiting nurses:


As we have just seen, you may choose to have an in-home nurse or someone close to you to take care of you as needed. Related to this is finding appropriate housing that meets your basic and specific needs. If you plan to continue living at home, consider renovating to accommodate a disability. If you plan to move in with your care provider, do they have proper accommodations in place for your condition for example: ramps, grab bars, or mobility items? This is very important to explore concerning independent living.

Employment & Finances

Finally, you should explore how living with a disability will affect your ability to attain and hold job. Will you be able to work enough to sustain a living? Or will you have to apply for disability benefits in order to meet your financial needs and obligations? It’s already stressful enough worrying about money. Be sure your financial situation will be beneficial to you.


At ILCNSCA, we strive toward independent living for all. We encourage you and your loved ones to sit down and plan how you will live with a diagnosed disability. Consider these areas and others, such as access to education for the younger generation. Remember ILCNSCA as your advocate for independent living. Contact us by phone at 978-741-0077, or visit our website at

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