Meet the Staff – Shawn McDuff, Deputy Director

Meet the Staff – Shawn McDuff, Deputy Director

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Meet Shawn McDuff, the Deputy Director of ILCNSCA. He has been with the organization for over 27 years and he considers himself an advocate for Independent Living. For Shawn, the most rewarding aspect of working at ILCNSCA is being able to share his own experience of living with a disability and guiding others to live independently as well.  He knows he has done his part when someone is able to move out of a nursing home and live freely in the community. Fundamentally, ILCNSCA considers itself to be a civil rights organization.

Since he first started working at ILCNSCA in July of 1990, Shawn has been a part of the great expansion and improvement efforts within the organization. Their funding has been increased and they have expanded the area they serve from 19 cities and towns to 25. Their financial system and infrastructure are steadfast. The number of staff has increased considerably. Shawn has played integral roles in a number of programs set forth by the agency, such as:

  • Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP) – This program guides students through the transition from the special education programs in schools to adulthood.
  • All People Accessible Business (APAB) Project – This project looks to create more accessible communities for those who have disabilities.

Some accomplishments Shawn wishes to highlight include creating the Restaurant Accessibility Survey (RASP), which started in 2001, as well as the APAB Projects, aiding people in transitioning from nursing homes, and more, all of which he has accomplished in his 27 years working for the organization.


Outside of work, Shawn considers himself a foodie and he enjoys dining out and watching the Food Network and food competition shows. He is an avid sports enthusiast and his favorite teams are the Boston Bruins, the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox, and the Boston Celtics, in that order. His other tastes include, watching some reality TV and funny movies, and listening to music. Some of his favorite bands and artists are U2, AC/DC, Sting, Hootie & the Blowfish, Goo Goo Dolls, Justin Timberlake, and Pearl Jam. Shawn is looking forward to a cruise next summer in celebration of his 50th birthday!


Ultimately, Independent Living is important to Shawn because he actively fights to preserve the services and programs which allow for freedom and comfortable living (situations?) within the community. With the current political climate, Shawn lauds the efforts of the individuals with disabilities who are actively protesting and advocating for their rights, not only in Washington D.C., but around the country. It is important that we listen and respond positively to the needs of every individual.

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