sticks and stonesSticks and Stones: Disabled People’s Stories of Abuse, Defiance and Resilience

Edited by Marsha Saxton, foreward by Grace Mattern, New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault this is a collection of fifty stories about facing abuse and violence, published by the World Institute on Disability. The compelling stories are told by a diverse group of people with disabilities, as well as family members, services providers, and other allies, and cover a wide range of mistreatment and recovery experiences. By sharing their stories, these writers hope to empower similar survivors to resist and to disclose abuse and violence, to recover if abuse occurs, and to move ahead to live strong, fulfilling lives. Contributing writers from eight other countries join those from the United States in sharing their stories. Saxton’s introductory comments frame complex abuse issues as part of the larger picture of societal mistreatment of people with disabilities, going far back in history. Many of the stories featured in Sticks and Stones are wrenching; all the authors’ voices are strong. Yet the reader is left with a sense of hope and encouragement that mistreatment can be challenged and empowered disabled people can end abuse in their lives. Order Sticks and Stones: $20 plus shipping and handling, and state tax where applicable.

the lace reader

The Lace Reader

This book was very interesting to me as I live in Salem and could identify with the locale and local flavor. I was also impressed with how the author depicted the mental health needs and supports received by some of the characters. She told a story with compassion and love for those of us who are coping with disabilities, especially trauma from life. I also was able to meet the author and she, Brunonia, is quite a women with lots of wonderful stories! I look forward to her next book in this trilogy. Mary Margaret Moore

the inn

There is Room at the Inn – Inns and B+Bs for Wheelers and Slow Walkers

A nice U.S. state by state guide listing accessible B+Bs, a summary of what specifically is accessible (# rooms, rates, landscape features, etc.) and contact information for each. Also included is advice for finding additional accessible B+Bs (questions to ask of innkeepers), as well as advice for innkeepers (how to communicate the accessible features of your B+B to the public, etc.) Mary E. MacDonald


Barrier-Free Travel – A nuts and bolts guide for Wheelers and Slow Walkers 3rd ed.

A comprehensive guide to accessible travel (domestic air, ground, water, lodging, + foreign travel tips), many current (2009) resources listed. Mary E. MacDonald