Accessible Recreational Activities

Accessible Recreational Activities

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Summer is almost upon us. While the days get longer and the temps rise, many are looking to get outside and make the most of the beautiful weather, including individuals with disabilities. There’s just one problem: many summer outdoor activities are not available to the disability community. Sure, we can all go outside and enjoy the sun and the gentle breeze on our face. But some of us are looking for adventure, to break out of our comfort zones, and do something exciting. Aren’t there any accessible activities that will please the thrill seekers among us?! Let’s take a look:

Water skiing

If you live close to a lake, the ocean, or some other body of water, then summer means long days on the open water. A great sport is water skiing, wherein a boat drags a person on water skis with a rope and sends them gliding across the surface of the water. Water skis have been adapted for people in wheelchairs to use. Check out this resource for accessible recreational activities throughout Massachusetts:


Horseback riding

Never had the chance to ride a horse as a kid? Me neither. Horseback riding is beneficial in many ways. Physically, you learn how to improve balance, posture, and coordination, and it also helps build, exercise, and train muscles. As for mental benefits, it’s rewarding to learn a new sport or skill and the slight thrill provides an exhilarating experience.



Much like horseback riding, cycling, too, provides many benefits. It’s a great leg or arm workout, depending, as we shall soon see. It’s also mentally challenging and fulfilling as it provides independent mobility. There are even different types of bicycles for people of all ability ranges:

  • Tandem bikes – perfect for the blind and visually impaired to team up with a sighted partner.
  • Hand cranks – for people in wheelchairs to pedal by hand instead of by foot.
  • Tricycles – remove the need to balance, perfect for people with mobility problems.
  • Side-by-side bikes – provide two seats so people with mobility issues can ride with a partner.


At ILCNSCA we strive to provide opportunities for everyone to have accessible experiences. We advocate for the rights of every person, no matter ability level, to get out there and pursue their passions, and have fun doing it. Remember ILCNSCA as your advocate for independent living. Contact us by phone at 978-741-0077, or visit our website at  

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