Title VII Part B

What Is The Title VII Part B Program?

Under Title VII Part B of the 1992 reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, ILCNSCA has limited funding which can be used to provide services or equipment to eligible persons with disabilities to assist them attain or maintain independence in the community. This programÕs main intention is to assist persons who are not currently receiving services under Vocational Rehabilitation Services with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission due to the age, severity of their disability, and/or inability to work. Priority is given to consumers who have been determined to be too severely disabled to benefit from Vocational Rehabilitation Services under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act and individuals with severe disabilities who are institutionalized, have been, or are at risk of becoming institutionalized, and who are not receiving Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Second priority is given to consumers not presently receiving Vocational Rehabilitation Services under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act, but who need Independent Living Services to maintain or improve their independent living situation.

What Services are offered under the Title VII Part B Program?

As indicated in the State Plan for Independent Living (FY 2001-2004), eligible services that may be funded under the Title 7 Part B Program include:

Home modifications could include a portable ramp, widening doors or installing grab bars.
Home modifications for jobs under $1,000 and for modifications to apartments not covered under the 1990 Housing Bill of Rights (HBR);

Vehicle modifications to make a car/van accessible could include a ramp or lift, a wheelchair storage device or hand controls.
Vehicle modifications for passengers/drivers up to a maximum of $12,500;

Assistive technology could include computer technology allowing an alternative means of input/output, TTY, Hearing aid, door bell signaler, reading machine or environmental controls.

Emergency assistance funds to assist people in moving from an institution into the community could include funding for a bed or short term PCA.
Emergency assistance funds up to $500.00 to assist people in moving from an institution into the community;

Ancillary aids and devices could include items such as reachers and other items to assist people with Activities of Daily Living.
Ancillary aids and devices up to $500.00.

If a person needs or is interested in applying for assistance under our Title 7 Part B Program must contact Shawn J. McDuff, ILCNSCA’s Title VII Part B Service Coordinator