Annual Meeting

The next Annual Meeting is scheduled for October 18. 2017. Please check back for more information and read below for information on past meetings and membership.

2016 Annual Meeting letter

September 1, 2016

Dear ILCNSCA Voting Member, Member and Supporter:

You are invited to attend the FY’17 Annual meeting of the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM at the main office of the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann Inc located at 27 Congress Street, Suite 107, Salem, MA. This will be our 30th Annual meeting. Registration, voting for ILCNSCA Board members and hors d’oeuvres will occur from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. The Annual meeting including voting results will begin at 6:30 PM and end by 7:30 PM.

Enclosed with this mailing is the ILCNSCA annual membership form. Please complete and either send to ILCNSCA with your membership donation or bring with you that evening to the Annual meeting. All are welcome to be members of ILCNSCA. Only those who disclose that they have a disability on the annual membership form can be a voting member of ILCNSCA. At the Annual meeting if you are a voting member you will have the opportunity to vote for candidates for the ‘17 Board.

The Board is the legal entity in the eyes of the Commonwealth for provision of the independent living services and all programs of the ILCNSCA, Inc. and sets policy as well as oversees the finances of the Center. Two candidates are running for the ’17 Board. Enclosed is a listing of those candidates. In addition, 6 existing Board members, are also running for re-election.

As a person with a disability who lives or works on the North Shore and Cape Ann and/or receives services from us you are eligible for voting membership of the ILCNSCA. As a person without a disability who supports independent living you may be a non-voting member and supporter of independent living. Enclosed is the ILCNSCA membership/membership renewal form. This form must be completed and submitted by Friday, September 30, 2016. As always, if you are unable to contribute a membership fee at this time, it will not prevent you from being a member. Your participation in electing the Board is necessary to the ILCNSCA commitment to consumer control. As a voting member you select by your annual vote the Board of Directors of the ILCNSCA.

All voting and non-voting members receive notices of special events, such as our Annual Membership Summer BBQ, and advocacy actions. You have access to our resource materials. Most important, you demonstrate your active support to the struggle for independent living and consumer control that the Center embraces.

We look forward to seeing you on October 19, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM at our office, 27 Congress Street, #107, Salem, MA. Please review the new candidates for ILCNSCA Board as well as re-election of existing Board members who want to continue to serve, complete your membership form as soon as possible so you can attend and/or vote, and send to ILCNSCA, or call ILCNSCA to RSVP for Annual meeting at 978-741-0077 v or 978-745-1735 tty. We hope you will attend our Annual meeting and Board election, say hello to friends, meet new advocates for independent living, hear about our successes and challenges during ’16, support us in our initiatives of ’17, and have a bit of fun. Thank you for your past and future support to make all of our communities accessible for all and all of our citizens as independent as they choose.

Yours truly,

Mary Margaret Moore
Executive Director

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ILCNSCA Annual Individual Membership

The Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, Inc. is a service and advocacy organization run by and for people with disabilities. ILCNSCA supports the struggle of people who have all types of disabilities to live independently and participate fully in community life. Persons who receive our services are called consumers. Consumers choose what services they want from ILCNSCA and they determine what, how and when to reach their independent living goals.

Consumer choice and control is also manifested by the voting membership electing the Board members of the organization. The Board is the legal entity responsible for the legal, planning, public relations and fiduciary requirements of the organization. The Board hires the Executive Director. All voting members must have a disability/ be regarded as having a disability, and either live on the North Shore/ Cape Ann, or receive services at the ILCNSCA, Inc.

Voting and non-voting members are the supporters on the North Shore and Cape Ann for consumer control and independent living by persons with disabilities. Voting and non-voting members are the leaders for increasing accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the access regulations of the Commonwealth. Voting and non-voting members are the collective voice of persons with disabilities on the North Shore and Cape Ann.

You can be a member, voting or non-voting, of the ILCNSCA. You will receive our newsletter and special mailings regarding events/activities of interest to persons with disabilities and their supporters. You will receive announcement of special information sessions and system advocacy events/actions affecting the lives of persons with disabilities.

Click here to become a member or renew your membership.

27 Congress Street
Suite 107
Salem, MA 01970.

Thank you for your support and participation.