lisa orgettasLisa Orgettas, Executive Director

Lisa Orgettas has just recently joined the ILCNSCA in June 2017. She brings 25+ years of human service management experience in leadership roles. She has an established history of enhancing services and improving operations in a manner that directly impacts the quality of the lives of others. Lisa looks forward to partnering with the ILCNSCA team to advance access and opportunities for Independent Living.

shawn mcduffShawn McDuff, Deputy Director

Deputy Director Shawn McDuff has been with the agency for 20+ years. He is a key leader in the ILCNSCA as well as the Independent Living movement statewide and nationally. He manages the core direct services as well as community services of the Agency, and is a vital member of the Management Team. His expertise is shared with ILCNSCA staff, consumers, providers on the following: housing modification, durable medical equipment contract and community access issues. He supervises distribution of our marketing materials via Web and Press, as well as the public relations aspects of community advocacy. Shawn also provides Peer Guide services and is the creator and manager of the All People Accessible Business Project as well as the Community Access Advocacy Team.

grant murphyGrant Murphy, Data and Operations Manager

Grant has been with the agency for 5+ years and is part of the management team at ILCNSCA. He provides and supervises staff who provide independent living individual and community services. He also manages ILCNSCA’s systems for providing public information through the web page, social media, and other external media outlets. He is responsible for the Data Management and reporting. Grant is a member of the National Council on Independent Living and participates in national advocacy efforts.

maria deMaria DiPietro Taymore, IL Peer Guide and Options Counselor

Maria provides individual independent living services, including information and referral as well as comprehensive services of Introductory Meeting/Goal setting; Peer Counseling; IL Skill Development; and Individual Advocacy Skill Development. Maria provides community services such as community education, system advocacy, and outreach to underserved and un-served individuals living with disabilities. She has completed the Commonwealth of MA on line Options Counseling Program training, soon be providing Options Counseling, and is developing her expertise in the transition of youth from childhood to adult services.

deborah barberDeborah Barber, Community Information Specialist

Deborah is the agency lead on provision, coordination and tracking of Community Education and Outreach services to unserved and underserved populations. Deborah also coordinates information sharing with the public and select groups regarding ILCNSCA activities, events, news, etc. via Constant Contact, and email list serves, and at times mass mailings. She is also responsible for coordinating ILCNSCA referral resources systems including updating the ILCNSCA webpage/Facebook page, staff resources, reception area information, and communications with other providers on their services.